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Aug 22, 2007 at 01:01 PM

ADR6 and How does it Fit in SRM-EBP


Hello All,

I'm confused and have a headache researching this particular issue. ADR6 contain SMTP (E-mail Addresses). That's understood. Now for SRM to link to those addresses, I thought you have to use BUT000 and BUT052. That will give you the e-mail address for a Person linked to a particular organization unit. However, I have found that a took a particular person and found his e-mail 7 times in ADR6. Two with different Personel Numbers and five with no personel numbers. However, due to some rush, the ADR6 record I found linking the person to an organization had an xxx@... for an e-mail address.

So, I know a person via SU01 can have an entry in ADR6 and then in transaction BP, I believe you can set up and internal and external communication which can product 2 entries in ADR6. But what about the others? Why is this more complicated than it needs to be? Also, what address does EBP use?

Thank you in advance for any asistance and apologizes for venting.