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Aug 22, 2007 at 12:10 PM

ST03n - MONI data


Hello guys,

a little question about ST03n and its monitoring data. My release is ERP2005 and the settings are "sap default". So the month-data in the monitoring database is stored for 12 month.

The workload collector database which contains the aggregated data only stores it for 2 month 😔 so in ST03n i only see the last 2 months.

Now i have increased the value for "transaction profile" to 5 months.

Does the collector creates the aggreagted data from the monitoring databases again by the next daily run or have some other steps to be done?

Or is not possible to restore the old "aggregated data"?

The navigation tree for the settings is:

ST03n => Collector and performance db => Performance database => Monitoring database => Reorganisation => retetion periods for month is 12 months

ST03n => Collector and performance db => Workload collector database => Reorganisation => Control => and area WM (before it was 2 month.. now i have increased to 5 month)

Thanks and Regards