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Foreign trade data in delivery - incomplete enhancement

Hi there,

I would much appreciate if someone could point me to the exact program logic how to design the user exit for the incompletion check on FT data in SD deliveries.

The known problem is that VL01N and VL02N don't check the incompletion procedure as configured for FT data unless the user enters the FT data via the tabs.

We need an immediate incompletion check on header and item level. The by SAP proposed exits



EXIT_SAPLV50E_006 don't seem to be enough to make the check actually look up the FT incompletion criteria according to the FT customising table.

I went through SAP notes 1941547 and 391764 but it is nowhere to be found how to actually tackle this.

Note 1941547 states the following:


There are two options available:

a) make sure that in case of export deliveries the user always enters the FT tab

b) modify the system to stop the document saving with incomplete FT data.

What exactly does "modify the system" mean? A hard modification of the standard? I can't believe this. I would suppose that there is a way with user exit, enhancements etc.

Note 391764 is vague about how the header FT data will be checked (if at all) and if their suggestion actually works also in VL01N.

Thanks much for any detailed hint.


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2 Answers

  • Aug 17, 2017 at 12:53 PM

    I have not tried but you can make an attempt in setting incompletion log in OVA2 for LIKP with field EXNUM and set this incompletion procedure to your delivery document type. I feel, this should work.

    Also, I am not sure, whether you have the required values maintained in VI95

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  • Aug 17, 2017 at 02:17 PM

    Incompletion with LIKP-EXNUM or LIPS-EXNUM has no influence on the behaviour.

    VI95 is maintained for a few constant values but we still need to add variable FT data at time of delivery. This is sometimes forgotten and they end up as incomplete billing docs, not transferred to accounting. It is understandable in the high stress zone at goods issue that users might forget to click on the FT tabs.

    Since usually only logistics staff know FT data I don't understand why SAP has never integrated an on/off option for a prompt incompletion check in VL*** transactions.

    Thanks, I'll keep debugging.

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