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SAP C4C Report Calculations

Aug 17, 2017 at 11:38 AM


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Is there any listing of definitions relating to all the Characteristics Time Stamp calculations and likewise Key Figure Calculations on tickets. Within the Datasource and Reports defined by SAP, it would be good to have clear definitions as a means to use and interpret data with our customer.
We use Cloud for Service.
What adds to the problem in our cases is that the Completion Date stamp is set once a ticket goes into "Employee Action". Consequently, we are not sure whether we should be using Resolution times stamps as a better indicator for when a ticket is set to Completed or we use Completion Date.

Does SAP have some definitions and their calculations for the following?

Processor Duration (Time with Agent)
Requestor Duration (Time with Customer)
Completion Due Date Time
Completion SLA Met
Completion SLA Missed
Completion by
On-Site SLA Met
On-Site SLA Missed
Resolution Due Date Time
Resolution SLA Met
Resolution SLA Missed
Total Completion SLA Met
Total Completion SLA Missed
Total On-Site SLA Met
Total On-Site SLA Missed
Total Resolution SLA Met
Total Resolution SLA Missed

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2 Answers

Suraj Pai Jan 04 at 02:26 PM

Hello experts,

I would appreciate if anyone could possibly give an explanation to this thread.

I mirror the exact concerns raised by Andrew Smith and would appreciate a response.

Sandeep Hebbar Preethi Bukke

Best regards,


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Suraj Pai Jan 11 at 01:04 PM

Former Member Viswajith Manapetty

May I request your help on this thread please?

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