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Me_Action Field in T51 (Server Driven)

Hi All,

It is said that It is required to indicated the middleware <b>precisely the

change</b> (whether it was created, changed or deleted) made in the backend per object. The value is expected to be filled in the GetList BAPI wrapper and returned to the middleware.

For that a field, ME_ACTION can be filled with value "A"(Add) or "M"(Modify) or


Is this field defined as an Export parameter in the GetList BAPI wrapper or is one of the fields of the table that will be called as a header structure in the GetList.

And how will Me_Action field be populated with different values?

Will it be by the application which makes any data modification in the back end?

Or will these values get populated in the code of GetList BAPI wrapper?

Or some other way..?

Awaiting your responses..


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2 Answers

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    Aug 22, 2007 at 03:43 PM

    Hi Ankur,

    The values could be populated by the application itself or it could be populated by the BAPI if it has the intelligence of identifying the A M or D records from the parent table.

    Lets look at the first option...

    When we design an application it will contain header and item tables. During the design of the header table include the ME_ACTION as one of the fields along with other application related fields. So during creation of data we will populate A in me_action field from the application itself. If the it is only changes then we populate M. If the records needs to be deleted it should be populated as D. Remember delete in the application is only a soft delete. Now you have to just query this header table and populate the export parameters from this table.


    Construct another table containing 2 fields application key and me_action as table fields. Now whenever header table is touched then modify this table appropriately. If there is creation of data in header table then populate this new table with the generated key and me_action = A. If there are changes or deletion then populate me_action = M and me_action = D repectively. In the BAPI wrapper just populate the export parameters with data from this table.

    In the second option...

    The design of the BAPI must be intelligent enough of determining these values when populating the export parameters.

    Hope this solves the query....

    Reward points if useful...


    Preetham S

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    • Former Member Former Member

      Hi all,

      With all the help Sdn offered me, I have been finally able to create a GetList Bapi which returns only the detla data and populates the field Me_Action accordingly.

      Thanks a lot to everybody. I am marking this thread as answered.


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    Aug 23, 2007 at 03:44 AM

    Hi Ankur,

    There are two occasions (two ways) you can inform the MI server about the action. One when you are calling the MEREP_DELTABO function module or via Getlist.

    Its not necessary to fill the action both times. Only one is required. If filled both times, the Getlist bapi has the highest precedence.

    For identifying delete action will be easier. The only challenge will be to identify add or modify. For that you can always return as Modify and MI server will take care of whether its a add or modify.



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