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Changed Organizational Unit of Clerk: OK in POMA, not OK in BP

Hello dear experts!

I needed to change, through the PPOMA_CRM, the Organizational Unit of a Clerk, a position that has, in our organization, the following hierarchy: Clerk ---> Employee Business Partner ---> SAP username.

I have done it in this way:

0. Gone to PPOMA_CRM transaction.

1. I have positioned myself with the cursor on the NEW organizational Unit of the Clerk.

2. I have pressed right-click and then ASSIGN.

3. I have assigned the Clerk in question (relation chosen was B003: incorporates.)

The result seems OK: in the Organizational Model, the Clerk is under the new Unit. AND, under the <u>old</u> unit, I do <u>not</u> see the clerk anymore.

BUT, if i go to the Relationship properties of that Employee Business Partner in TX "BP", i can see TWO relationships: One with the old unit, One with the new unit.

The same happens in the HRP tables: two entries!

I tried to delete the first relationship in the BP transaction itself, but it will tell me <i>Maintenance is possible only via Organization Management.


How is it possible I still have the old relationship? How can I eliminate it? Any clues?

Thank you very much!

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2 Answers

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    Posted on Aug 22, 2007 at 09:49 AM

    Let me add one important consideration:

    If I go to transaction PO13 and I click on "display/change", I actually <u>can</u> still see the assignment of the Clerk Position to the <u>old</u> organization unit, with a pink arrow on the side and a tooltip "object to be removed".

    But who can remove it and how? Is there any kind of "refresh" to be commanded? Or do I just have to wait for tomorrow to see the relationship disappear?



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    Posted on Aug 22, 2007 at 02:09 PM


    With SAP being date and time driven, is it not a case of the old relationship ending at a particlar date and back to back with that, the new relationship starting a day after the old relationship has ended ?


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    • Former Member

      Thank you for the suggestion Deon.

      You are right about the validity dates in the HRP tables: the OLD relationship appears, in hrp1001, to be true until YESTERDAY and the NEW is valid since today.

      Accordingly, I have inserted a hrp1001-endda >= sy-datum in my queries and I consider your answer very helpful.

      Notwithstanding, it is in the Business Partner relationship area that the update has not taken place!

      The Business Partner still has an "is employee of" relation with the old organizational unit until year 9999! I would have expected that to disappear or to change validity date. That relationship, if I am not mistaken, is kept in the BUT050 table.

      I cannot manually change the date for the same old reason, that is to say the system stops me because the relation "can be maintained only in the organization model..."

      Let's wait until tomorrow. If the BP relation does not change, I will start to think that POMA does not sync perfectly with BP data.

      Thank you very much anyways,