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Inbound Delivery - Quantity missmatch

Aug 16, 2017 at 09:11 PM


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We have the Inbound Delivery with the following flow:

ME21n -> VL31n -> WAP2

when we schedule the visit (VL31n) from the order (ME21n) sometimes we find that the delivery has more items from some products than the PO, so we have to cancel the PO and open a new one. We are planning to set up a GAP to automatically accept a % from that order. Ex: we ordered 100 products and we set up a 5% gap, so if we receive 104 we automatically receive the item without a new order and also, the PO doesn't have to be released.

Any solutions? Any guide to configure via SPRO the VL31n?


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1 Answer

Jürgen L
Aug 16, 2017 at 09:29 PM

the official name for gap is tolerance, and over and underdelivery tolerances are defined in the purchasing value key in customizing, and the purchasing value key is entered in your material master purchasing view. And from here its values are copied to info record and from there to the purchase order were they can be overwritten manually again by the user.

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thanks for your reply.

In this case i'm not interested in underdelivery tolerances; in this case the delivery overcomes the PO.


you can well define a purchasing value key which only allows overdeliveries. But even if you are not interested in underdelivery tolerances today, as a consultant you should consider the eventualities that might occur since customizing is not changed every other day. Some companies introduced releases and transport customizing changes only every 3rd month.


yes, underdelivery is already customized.

how can we define a purchasing value key that allows overdeliveries?



by entering a value into the field for overdelivery tolerance