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adding collective search help to the data element

Dear All,

Please let me know how to add collective search help to a data element.

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2 Answers

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    Aug 22, 2007 at 05:50 AM

    Hi Shobhan,

    Just give the collective search help name and the parameter in the search help option of further characteristics tab of the data element.

    Award points if this is helpful.


    Ravi G

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    Aug 22, 2007 at 05:50 AM


    Creating Collective Search Helps


    1) In the initial screen of the ABAP Dictionary, select object class Search help, enter the name of the search help and choose Create.

    2) A dialog box appears in which you must select the type of search help.

    3) Select Collective search help and choose .

    4) The maintenance screen for collective search helps is displayed.

    5) Enter an explanatory text in the field Short text.

    6) You can for example find the search help at a later time using this short text.

    In the Definition tab page enter the parameters of the collective search help.

    7) Select the Imp flag if it is an import parameter. Select the Exp flag if it is an export parameter.

    8) Define the types for the parameters of a collective search help by assigning a data element. Enter the name of the data element that describes the contents of the search help parameter in the Data element field.

    9) You can assign the parameter a default value in the Default value field.

    10) In exceptions it could be necessary to change the standard process defined by the search help. You can implement the deviation from the standard using a search help exit.

    11) In this case enter the name of the search help exit in the corresponding field.

    12) On the Included search helps tab page, define the search helps that you want to include in the collective search help.

    13) You can include elementary search helps and collective search helps.

    14)Use the Hide flag to control whether an included search help should appear in the dialog box for selecting the elementary search help. If the flag is set, the search help is not offered.

    15) It makes sense to hide search help inclusions if one or more search paths in the standard system should not be used in a concrete R/3 System. Similarly, search help inclusions can also be already hidden in the standard system because they only can be used meaningfully in a few R/3 Systems. You have to cancel the flag in this case.

    16) Position the cursor one after the other on each allocated search help and choose Parameter assignment.

    In the next screen, enter the parameter names of the elementary search helps to which the corresponding parameters of the collective search help should be assigned in the field Reference parameter.

    17) You can select the parameters contained in the included search help using the input help. Create a proposal for the assignment with Proposal.

    18) Save your entries.

    A dialog box appears in which you have to assign a development class to the search help.

    Choose .to activate.


    The collective search help is activated. You can find information about the activation flow in the activation log, which you can display with Utilities ® Activation log. If errors occurred when the collective search help was activated, the activation log is automatically displayed


    Reward If Helpful.

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