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Former Member
Aug 21, 2007 at 07:31 PM

LSMW Conversion Problem


Hi guys,

I have a small problem while coverting the data for condition record upload.

Here is the scenario -

I'm using the Direct Input Method and Std program RV14BTCI for uploading the condition records. The Key combination is sales org / sales group / material.

The sales group field is of 3 characters BUT in our system it is only 2 caharacters long. Now i'm concatenating VKORG, VKGRP and MATNR into the VARKEY of structure BKOND2.

My Test file looks like -

0010 87 900 1.79

This is tabular file and the field sequence in the file is -

sales org - 0010

sales grp - 87

material -900

price - 1.79

Now when i execute the session, system ALWAYS takes "879" as the sales group and not as "87". Please let me know how can i make this happen.