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Aug 21, 2007 at 03:12 PM

Wrong aggregation of percentage figure as key figure


Hello everybody, I need your help please!

I've create a new cube containing customerID and a percentage key figure representing the national part af a regional customer and bound it succsessfully to the reporting multicube.

I can calculate national/regional gross and net and any other key figure as percentage of the total of the respectiv key figure, and it works fine, but only as long as the customer is in the drill down.

If I want to see aggregate figures for regions, for instance, eliminating customer from drill down, it cumulates the percentages per region and calculates with this sums. The result ist catastrophic, since the sum of percentages per region is like 980%, for instance!!!

How can I bring about to sum the regional/national part and not the percentage key figure?

Thanks for any help


PS I can provide screenshots descibing the problem