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Freight invoice IDOC from carrier

Hi all,

my customer wants to post freight invoices from their carrier via EDI.

<u>The process in short is the following:</u>

- Create 3rd party Customer sales order

- Create Delievery

- Create Shipment document -> This is transferred to the carrier.

- Receive IDOC, which creates a shipping cost document (SCD). This is the cost estimate for the transport service. The SCD triggers the creation of a service PO.

- Receive Invoice IDOC from carrier. As a reference, the shipment number is sent from the carrier.

Posting should be done via MIRO.

When posting manually, the User would select in the PO Reference corner, the partner "6 Transportation Agent service" and the vendor number of the carrier. Then, the system is asking for the reference, which could be delivery number, shipment number, etc. With this information, the system calls automatically for the service PO.

I'm currently testing a solution, but the system is requesting over and over again for the PO number in segment E1EDP02 (001). The carrier does not know the PO number and can only provide shipment number or delivery.

Am I using the wrong function module? I tried with IDOC_INPUT_INVOIC_MRM and IDOC type INVOIC01.

If it's related to the information in the IDOC, could you let me know the structure?

e.g. which partner type to use in E1EDKA1 or which qualifiers I need to use?

Every help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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2 Answers

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    Aug 23, 2007 at 06:30 PM

    Hi Tanja,

    We use a 3PL very similar to this. See if the carrier (or 3PL) can accept the PO# in a reference (text) field in the shippment document you send to them. Even though they will not process the customer's PO#, they should be able to pass it back in a reference field on the EDI invoice. You can then populate the Idoc with it.

    Another solution would be to modify the function module to lookup the PO# based on the delivery number that is returned on the EDI invoice. I'd try to get the first option above to work first, though.

    Best of Luck,


    Points are always appreciated

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      we can't send the PO number with the shipment notification. At that point of time, the PO doesn't exist.

      The PO is created with another INVOIC01 IDOC, which automatically creates a shipment cost document (SCD). Only then, the PO is created according to the SCD.

      In the meantime, I found something myself.

      1. The option to use the "Transportation Agent" is not available in standard SAP for EDI receipts. (Confirmed by SAP).

      2. Instead, we are now using the "delivery note" number from the service entry sheet. In our case, the delivery note has the same number as the shipment.

      To use that, you need to have:

      E1EDK02 and E1EDP02 with qualifier 016 and then the delivery note number with leading zeros (10 digits) and the item position on item level.

      Partner SP is required on item level.

      When we check the document, it now determines the service PO automatically in MIRO.

      We now have to solve a tax problem, but the core function is working..



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    Aug 24, 2007 at 08:17 AM

    Solution, see above..

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