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Aug 21, 2007 at 02:09 PM

No output in LDB


Hi ppl,

I'm a beginner in ABAP. Looks like theres something missing in what i did.

I tried to make a Logical database after reading the help. When I run the program, my output is just '#####'' for the write statement.

what I did ??

- I created the LDB with structure.



- I made selections for selection fields in the include prog.

- Generated the SAP<ldbname> program using the selections.

- Saved the LDB.

- Attached te ldb in the program attributes.

- se38

nodes: scarr,spfli.


get scarr.

write: / scarr-carrid.


- F8 => gives the selection screen. entered the criteria here-

F8=> gives '######' in a single line for the write stmt.


Looks like there is a basic problem in the making. It might even be a basic point which I missed 😊 .

Thanks in advance to you guys.