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material determination

Hello SAP Prof,

what are the questions that are generally asked in Material Determination.

Plz ask some of the questions

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6 Answers

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    Posted on Aug 21, 2007 at 11:01 AM

    Hi Refer below

    How SAP do the material determination for inbound PO?

    If customer send in their material# or UPC code or buyer material#, what is the order of material determination?

    What is the difference between the item proposal and material determination product proposal?

    Item Proposal or Product proposal:

    "Item proposal is same as product proposal & SAP uses the two terms interchangeably.

    "An item proposal is a list of materials and order quantities that can be copied into the sales order. Items can also be selected from a list and copied into a sales order."

    1) Use transaction [VOV8] to configure the document type ("MS" for product proposal).

    2) Use transaction [VA51] to create a proposal.

    3) Enter the item proposal on the sales area data (sales tab) of the customer master record.

    4) In [VA01] to create a sales order, Select Edit & propose items."

    Material determination:

    "Material determination uses the condition technique to swap one material for another when certain conditions apply. Material

    determination is triggered by the material entered in the line item of the sales order.

    Use transaction [VB11] to create a material determination condition record. And [OV12] for configuration of material determination.

    Material determination is useful when old product is becoming obsolete or a new product is released by the company at specific date."

    For SD material Determination you can create a Substitution reason and on the Strategy field, the following info. is available:

    Product selection in the background is performed on the basis of the availability check.

    We want to have the material determination only in case on material shortage. We expect the Substitution reason to give us this functionallity. It does not hovever take the availabilty into account before substitution.

    We thought the worse case is to create a ABAP which is linked to the "requirement" field in the Procedure (OV13).

    Has anyone had the same requirement? Is this a bug or just incorrectly documented?

    I also encountered this abnormally recently using material determination. In order to combat the problem, the first product substitution should be for the original material. I've illustrated this below:

    Original Product: ABC

    Substitutes: DEF, XYZ

    In order to perform product substitution ONLY in the case of ATP failure for product ABC, structure the Material Determination record as follows:

    Material Entered: ABC Substitutes: ABC



    There seems to be a devaition at availability check and or on a conceptual note still.

    Availability check can be configured both at requiremnt class and at the schedule line categories level.

    Whilst the availabilty check at the requirement class level via global and mandatory configuration the schedule line catgry availability check deals with the order.

    It is mandatory that the reqmnt class is flagged off for avlblty check and the schdelu line cat need not be.

    The following are the mandatory for Availability check to happen--

    1. Must be swithced on at the requirment class level and at the schedule line level.

    2. Reqmnt type must exist by which a requiremnt class can be found

    3. There must exist a plant and is defined

    4.Checking group must be defined in Material Master records(it controls whthr the system is to create individual or collective reqmnt)

    A combination of checking gropup and checking rule will determine the scope of availbaility check.

    Creating Multiple Materials in Material Determination

    Material Determination is used to swap one material for another.It is possible to get a list of materials for substituiton,but remember you can substitue only one material from the list.

    This can be done through substituiton reason T Code [OVRQ]

    See the substitution reason number for Manual Material Selection

    - check the Entry box

    - check the Warning box

    - select A for Stategy

    - save.

    Go To VB11 to create Material Determination (taking into consideration that all the previous steps for material determiantion i.e. maintaining condition types,maintaining procedures for material determination and assigning procedures to sales doc. types have been done)

    Create one material determination,dont forget to give the Subst reason on top and also on the line.

    Click the Variants Icon on top left-Sreen opens

    Specify different materials you want to swap with the material you have enterd

    Note that the subst reason is already copied on the screen

    Remember materials should be of the same sales area,atleast Divisions should be same.

    When is Material determination triggered?

    Material Determination is triggered as soon as we enter the materia lin the sales order.

    Material determination is triggered when material quantity is lowered than reorder point what we mention in material master record

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    Posted on Aug 21, 2007 at 10:59 AM


    the major questions can be asked in material determination are :

    1). what do you mean by material determination and why it is used.

    2) Explain from your current project why you maintained material determination?

    3) How can you do the material determination based on material availability?

    These are the major questions that can be asked in a real time interview.


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    Posted on Aug 21, 2007 at 10:59 AM

    Hi Rajesh,

    Questions generally asked:

    - Definition

    - Use

    - Configuration of Material determination

    - Manual and automatic Material Determination

    Hoping it'll help you

    Reward if so



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    Posted on Aug 21, 2007 at 11:00 AM


    1.what is the need in ur company to have Material determination? do u control for the items to be replaced in popup?

    3. what is the importance of strategy and outcome? how do they serve ur purpose and what options u had in ur company?

    4.where do u maintain these records?

    5. does it involve condition technique or not ? if so , pl.explain?

    I hope these should do



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    Posted on Aug 21, 2007 at 11:04 AM

    HI Rajesh,

    The most commonly asked question other than what has been mentioned by other SDN Friedns on Material Determination :

    1. Give a practical Scenario where you were required to use Material Determination. You should be prepared with a scenario and example to substantiate.

    When ever a question is asked It is always suggested that you try to ci-relate this with your functional experiance and then tell how to map the same in SAP. this woudl be more convincing rather than talking about condition technique and screens in SAP.

    Hope this would be helpful.



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    Posted on Aug 21, 2007 at 11:10 AM

    1.Explain what is the Material Determination

    2.Define the Product Selection

    3. Wich Technique Material Determination used for determination

    4.Name the Item Categories for Product Selection

    5.How you configur the Material Determination

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