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restartable message in synchronous scenario

Hi experts,

I have a <b>synchronous</b> HTTP-XI-RFC scenario. Since this is a synchronous process, no queue will be kept and the message can't be restarted. So I clearly know that if in any case XI is down, sender system will received either a runtime error or timeout error (correct if I'm wrong).

The thing is the sender system wants XI to take charge of the queue. This is due to sender system can only send one time of request, and need the response immediately. So if any error happen for example if XI is down, they wants the process to resume back at XI side.

I'm thinking is BPM able to solved this problem? like by using a sync/async kind of design. Or is JMS adapter is the better choice?

I've been cracking my head for many days, hope someone can kindly enlighten me. 😊

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2 Answers

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    Posted on Aug 21, 2007 at 08:33 PM


    What you are trying to achieve here seems to make no sense. Synch Messages are always supposed to be real time request response. You should not expect a restart in XI for these.

    But if you still want to do this, yes, a BPM with a Sync - Asynch bridge will help. You can restart error messages inside a BPM even if they are synch messages. But again, even if you use a BPM , the same problem exists.

    What is XI is down? The Synch Request will never reach XI at all. I would suggest that you work on doing something for this on the Source rather than on XI.



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    • Former Member

      Hi Bhavesh,

      I agree with you that it makes no sense. But customer (sender system) insist to have the restart ability in XI. The customer even commented that MQSeries is able to achieve it. I'm not familiar with MQSeries, so couldn't make comment on it. Thus I have to propose solution and give some options.

      Thanks for your reply.

  • Posted on Aug 21, 2007 at 10:41 AM


    Please correct me if i'm wrong. You are saying the XI connectivity issue in the HTTP --XI link is it? If yes I think XI can't take over the control. B'coz the message haven't reached XI iteslf. So its not possible. If you are saying the XI connectivity issues btw XI ---RFC then surely u can, by using BPM. You can go to Transaction SXMB_MONI_BPE and restart the BPM. So the BPM will start again at the point of failure.

    Best regards,


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    • Moon,

      In your above case its possible by restarting the BPM. But i'm not sure how it works. Bcoz the sender is synchronous after some time if it didn't get any responses it will error out saying Timeout exception. After restarting the BPM I don't know how does it works!!!

      I haven't worked on such scenario. In my case the scenario is different Sender SOAP --->XI -

      >Synchronous Webservice -

      >Response to JDBC.

      In the above scenario if it fails at calling the webservice we will use restart BPM. It will go thru perfectly. But in your case the sender itself is synchronous.So I doubt!!!

      Please wait for other friends replies!! It will help you.

      Best regards,