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Aug 21, 2007 at 10:05 AM

Orcale ERP - XI - SAP ERP


Hi guys,

Our client that has SAP ERP (a third-party-Logistics) needs to interface with its client that has Oracle ERP. In the following list of interfaces, the indication In or Out is from the point of view of the Oracle ERP. From SAP ERP point of view it would be the exact opposite.

* O2C1 (AR Invoices Out)

* O2C2 (Sales Order In)

* O2C5 (Item Master Out)

* O2C8 (Pricing Out)

* O2C9 (Customer Master Out)

* O2C11 (Lot Master In)

* O2C20 (Inventory Movements In)

* O2C22 (Shipment Confirmation In)

* O2C24 (Inventory Balances In)

* O2C42 (Sales Order Out)

* P2P3 (Purchase Receipt In)

* P2P4 (Purchase Orders Out)

The client is asking me for the following:

  • first of all confirmation that you can comply with these formats. We would ask that you are able to process and load into SAP system the Oracle outbound interfaces and that you are able to send back to Oracle ERP the Oracle inbound interfaces.

  • an estimate of how much time it would take you to develop these interfaces. Please provide the number of man days, and also the elapsed time that you would need to develop all interfaces.

Since it is my first time that I am going to use XI for communication between SAP and Oracle ERP I am asking from you to indicate to me the points that I need to make clear with the client, how I am supposed to proceed, in high-level (JDBC or SOAP) and a rough estimate about the time required.