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Aug 21, 2007 at 09:18 AM

Batch Management V/s Serial numbers


Hi ,

Could anyone pls differentiate betn Batch and serials. I could understand from help ....

Batch : If you want to assign batch number to received Material Lot. It's like a LOT number management where you can assign a unique number to each lot received.

Later you can track the lot using this batch number

Serial : Unique number to each unit which mean each unit of the received lot will have unique ID.Like If I receive 10 pcs of material then 10 serial numbers will get generated (if automatic assignment is configured) and assigned to each unit of the material.

But I am getting confused when I am tyring to understand configuration of Serial numbers.Here are few queries i have

1) why serial number mangement available under "Plant Maintenance and CUSTOMER SERVICES" menu.

2) Is it only related with Equipments , NOT applicable for RAW MATERIAL / Assembly/ FG Material.

Thx for reply in advance.