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Aug 21, 2007 at 08:35 AM

Count the number of business partners on a non-cumulative key figure


Dear experts,

I have a problem. We have an InfoCube in BW in which the Activity Journals are loaded every day. In this Activity Journals it is registered that a Material was listed (available) at a customer (value 0 or 1).

We have a non-cumulative key figure MXW_LISTN with inflow (MXW_LISTI) and outflow (MXW_LISTO). In time this key figure receives +1 or -1 for a customer, material combination.

I want to use MXW_LISTN in the query in a specific way. The key figure on itselve tells me how many listings there are. However, I want to know how many business partners there are with a listing.

I was thinking about an exception aggregation on MXW_LISTN with reference characteristic 0BPARTNER and "Count <> 0". BW however refuses to do so and only lets me do simple aggregations such as AVG, MIN, MAX etc.

Can you think with me and come with an proper solution to count the number of business partners with a listing?

Your help is very much appreciated and rewarded!

Best regards, Hans de Klein