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Former Member
Aug 21, 2007 at 07:49 AM

Access to Java code??


Hi there

I have an interesting request from the client to customise some of the standard functionality delivered with BI 7 through the portal, and believe that I will need to customise some of the Java code.

Now, I haven't done much Java programming, so am looking for any useful advice.

The "template" that is to be modified is the variable selection screen you get when running a report in the web ... when you run the report, you get the variable screen, then you can click on the little icon on the right of the input box, and you get another screen, which allows you to select, say, from a list of articles.

They (the customer) would like me to add another button in there, and obviously the button will require some coding behind it to achieve the desired functionality.

Now ... are these templates implemented in Java now ... that is what we are assuming with BI 7.

Secondly, how do I get access to the Java code. I would think that something like NetWeaver Developer Studio would be a good start, but where is the Java code stored, and how do I go about getting access to it.

Thirdly, having never looked in this side of things, is the Java code available for customising, and are there help documents out there that may be able to assist.

I look forward to some useful replies.