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Aug 20, 2007 at 08:47 PM

SEM BCS: Breakdown Category and Default values


Hi! All,

Scenario: I have defined Breakdown Category 1000 with selection for Trading Partner and Cons. Profit Center as

“ Entry is forced, default allowed”. I am using C11 cube with Cons. Unit characteristic for Company and Cons. Profit Center. I have Dummy Cons. Profit Center 7777 assigned to all companies and 7777 has been defined as default value for Cons. Profit Center. I am trying to upload the reported data through flex upload and the Breakdown Category is assigned to I/C A/P and A/R items in the upload file. The file also includes Trading Partner and Cons. Profit Center field.In the brakdown category default selection, I have cons. PC 7777 and all company codes for companies.

Yet when I load the data, I constantly get this message:

Breakdown Item 120000 by Partner Cons. PC – Required breakdown not filled (while it has been filled out for 120000)

Combination /600 of characteristic Partner Cons. PC/Trading Partner does not exist ( Company 600 – Loading data for company 500 with 600 as Trading Partner)

Can anyone throw light on this....the system should pick up and insert the default value for Partner Cons. PC..

Thanks for your earliest attention.

Best Regards,