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Aug 20, 2007 at 07:06 PM

JCO - Netweaver, uh dynweb?!?


Hi all,

I've been programming for many years. I enjoy programming in Java. I am new to SAP (started a new job 2 months ago).

My new company has a large SAP implementation. What I would like to do is to query SAP with Java. I found the* package and have been able to query a table that I found on a forum. BAPI_MATERIAL_GETLIST

This table returns a very simple list of top level parts. What I need are details. I have a list of tables that have the details but no way to get to them. Every time I look for help on the web, I am flooded with RFC_READ_TABLE, NetWeaver and Dynweb. From my limited jco program, I am not able to query RFC_READ_TABLE. What are netweaver and dynweb?

I suppose those questions are far off base but as I say, I'm new to the SAP community. All I'm looking to do is to get a resultset type object (even if I have to write it) off of a call to SAP. Is this possible?

How do I get results from any table I want without netweaving or dynawebbing?

Thank you very much for your patience with my SAP ignorant self,


p.s. I forgot to ask about htmlb as well. I've seen that but can't seem to download it anywhere without the 1.2Gb netweaver download. Can someone point me at that package as well (or send it to me?)? Thanks again!

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