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system copy using oracle backup/restore - sapinst does not restart after re

I am performing a system copy of a BW3.5 system, using the system copy procedures and Oracle backup/restore. on the target node, I have installed the CI. I have run sapinst to install the database up to the point when it tells me to install the Oracle Server software, then restore the backup, and choose 'OK' in the dialog box. As I did not want to leave this dialog open, I chose 'cancel'. I have now installed Oracle, and restored the database, but when I try restarting sapinst I get the following error, and sapinst quits:

FKD-00049 XML - Parser error: error: invalid symbol '' in literal 'SAPSYSTEM_DB


ind_ind_0_SAPComponent_Accounts_ind_ind_ind_ind_ind_0_SAPCompon' in line 1, 1

in file

ERROR 2007-08-20 15:06:13 [iaxxcsihlp.hpp:208]


FCO-00031 An error occurred during the installation of component Problem: error

in persistency subsystem.. Press the log view button to get extended error info

rmation or press OK to terminate the installation.

Has anybody ever experienced this before, or have any clues as to what the problem is? This is a production system, and it is supposed to be available by the end of the week....

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3 Answers

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    Aug 21, 2007 at 06:00 AM

    Hi Angie,

    You should always mention OS details while drafting message.

    First, CHeck you must selected same SID as earlier while installation or Oracle and DB.

    Secondly, you can skip this phase in SAPInst, bit technical for you.



    - Set parameters as per SAP Note 356370

    - Change the swap mode from 'intermediate' to 'deferred' as described in

    SAP Note 97179.

    - Add /usr/sbin to the path of the user <sapsid>adm in the file

    .cshrc, .login, .profile in the user's home directory. Enter the

    following command(s) at the end of .cshrc, .login, .profile:

    a) If using a csh, enter:

    set path=(/usr/sbin $path)

    b) If using a sh, enter:


    export path


    Amit Lal

    Reward suitable pts.

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    Aug 21, 2007 at 07:40 AM

    Sorry, I omitted to mention the OS platform. This installation is on AIX 5.3.

    I never get the opportunity to specify the SID; sapinst terminates right after I have selected the correct drill-down on the first menu of the gui, and hit continue.

    /usr/sbin is in the PATH environment variable for <sid>adm.

    By looking in the installation directory at the logs, the only files that have been updated when I attempt to restart sapinst are sapinst.log and sapinst_dev.log. It looks to me as if sapinst is failing when processing keydb.xml.

    Can anyone advise me, if I start the sapinst database installation, and select 'new installation' rather than to continue with the old installation, whether that would in any way cause problems with the fact that the oracle software is already installed, and the database restored. I would really hate to have to repeat both of those steps again, particularly restoring the database, as it took so long!

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    Aug 21, 2007 at 01:16 PM

    Having raised this with SAP, and sent them the appropriate files, they pointed out to me that keydb.xml was corrupt, and advised me to start the installation from the beginning. The good news is that this worked, and did not entail me reworking the Oracle software install or the database restore.

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