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Reporting on Credit Cards (Computop)

Aug 15, 2017 at 09:55 PM


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we have a webshop and a ByD system. Both are using Computop and credit cards. Sometimes credit cards are not authorized, payments are not executed or captured.

Is there any reporting on the status per sales order. If a sales order is not authorzied we will for example call the customer. For this reason we need some way to find out about the payment status bases on credit card information.

Any tips or ideas?


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Alexandre Colombo
Aug 18, 2017 at 01:30 PM

Hallo Klaus,

Yes, you can check the Authorization status by sales order via Sales Order Volume report, however this characteristic is not enabled as default. You may do the following:

1. Open the Sales Order Volume report

2. Click Add Fields.

3. Expand "Dimension: Sales Order" and then "Sales Order"

4. Find the characteristic "Payment Authorization Status".

5. Mark the checkbox to Display in Report and - if required - also Display in Selection Area.

6. Click OK.

You'll find the "Payment Authorization Status" in the not currently shown pane.

Note that this characteristic returns the authorization status code:

1 -> Check Pending
2 -> Not Authorized
3 -> Authorized
4 -> Authorization not Required

Note that whenever you want to check if a given characteristic is available in reports, you can check the Characteristic Index pdf.

Direct link for May 2017 version:

This can be accessed via -> Release Information -> choose latest available release.

Nice to see you around.



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