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Aug 20, 2007 at 01:25 PM

Problem with B1DE Installer while Installing / Unlinstalling Addon


Hi Everybody

We have created EXE/ARD using B1DE 2005. It behaves strange in different installations. In some SBO 2005 A (Server) its installs smoothly without any error. Sometimes it throws error.

<b>Index out of range exception</b> and installations stops and

1. Now it becomes a pain to install/uninstall the EXE/ARD unless you remove manually from the registry, entries from the add-on directory, from AddOnsInstall.sbo / AddOnsLocalRegistration.sbo. its throws (-2) Error from EndInstallEx, EndUninstall

Next problem.

2. Suppose i have installed exe/ard version 8 in both server and client. Now i want to upgrade the exe/ard to version 9. In server it works fine uninstalling the version 8 and installing version 9. But in client the exe/ard does not sense there is a version 8 installed on it. it goes on to install version 9. For removing version 8 we have to go through the same process, remove entries from the registry..ect.

Any idea what is wrong.

Thanks in advance.