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Regarding tabctrl

Hi, Experts,

I am doing a task in which i hav to craete two tansparent table one for customerid, customername and other transparent table for address of customer consisting of fields houseno1, street1, street 2, city, city1, state.

In screen painter i create custid , custname and tabcontrol for address storing.

Now i hav to create T-CODE for Create , Display and Change.

In create how i can enter data from tabcontrol to database table for address on Create pushbutton in screen for create.

please help.


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1 Answer

  • Posted on Aug 20, 2007 at 12:50 PM

    Hi Prakash,

    step1: create one internal table with structure of address table .

    <b>eg: Data it_custaddress type table of zcustomer_address.</b>

    step2 : create one work area with the type of above internal table.

    <b>data wa_custaddress like line of it_custaddress</b>

    step3:take screen painter and assign screen field as the above work area.

    Double click on the screen select layout

    select the menu Goto

    In the Goto Menu select secondary window

    select the submenu of seconday window

    select dictionary /program fields

    one new dialog window will come

    give our work area name there and proceed

    now select how many fields you need from the work area

    place the selected fields in table control.

    step4: give two loop in PBO and PAI.

    PBO loop

    LOOP AT it_custaddress INTO wa_custaddress WITH CONTROL tc_ctrl CURSOR tc_list-current_line.


    PAI Loop

    LOOP AT it_custaddress .

    MODULE MOVE_IT_address.


    step5:inside PAI loop write one module to modify the corresponding records in internal table.

    MODULE move_it_adress INPUT.

    MODIFY it_custadress FROM wa_custaddress INDEX tc_list-current_line.


    step 6: when pressing the button create modify the database table from this internal table.

    modify dbtable from it_table..

    check the synatx of the above code i just given you one guide line.

    hope it will resolve the issue



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