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Former Member
Aug 20, 2007 at 11:13 AM

Accessing Remote server from local J2EE Engine


I have installed a local J2EE Engine for test purpose and created a J2EE application containing jsps,java beans,ejbs.

The EJB accesses the R3 system through BAPIs using JCO.

If I comment my code for JCO and BAPI access in EJB then the EJB works fine i.e. returns dummy values but it returns a null pointer exception if i use JCO code.

When i specify JCO properties of my IDES system and take some standard BAPI it works fine but fails to work for remote R3 system.

As the R3 system is located on remote(customer place) server, is there any step or special configuration that has to be executed from my side so that the JCO can actively talk to the remote server? For eg. opening ports of J2EE engine.