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where is the login option???

Oct 10, 2016 at 03:17 PM


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I got this question from several users

I guess it is not 100% clear that to login you need to click on the avatar

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1 Answer

Jamie Cantrell
Oct 10, 2016 at 04:50 PM

Seems you answered your own question. Yes, you click the avatar icon in the top right of the navigation menu to log in.

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I believe the question or rather concern is that it seems to be not obvious to many users that this is the icon to click. E.g. many not so state-of-the-art websites have buttons or link aptly labeled "Sign in" / "Sign out". Others have "Hello, Jelena! Not Jelena? Click here" thing going on. But SCN has a picture of a crash dummy with no words.

By the way, this is also compounded by the certificate login issues that have never been addressed. E.g. previously SCN automatically prompted for certificate when I opened the website. Now it doesn't happen. Only if you navigate to the other page you are prompted for a certificate. I and others have already reported this but [crickets].

If the logon problem was resolved then all the certificate users wouldn't even need to click any special buttons to login.


Always fun to see a conversation from the day of launch get bumped. Ah, memories...

The user interface/experience needs an overhaul in general. I'll have to see if there are any details about login specifically.

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@Jelena, I understand and agree, and I've been pursuing this issue from day 1 - it's one of the first things I asked for. Unfortunately, we have had other major issues (as you are well aware) that have taken precedence over this, both in terms of the fixes we're pursuing within the Community pages, and the things we're trying to drive in the wider 1DX program (which this falls under). Thanks for hanging in and know that it's something we're hoping to address in the near future.