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Aug 19, 2007 at 11:48 PM

Business Logic Editor with Complex Transasctions


I'm starting to have some serious problems using the Business Logic Editor with reasonably large (but by no means huge) transactions. These transactions also have nested transaction calls down a few layers. The main symptoms are:

1) When opening the Link Editor on the first action it is somewhat sluggish. Opening the Link Editor on the last action can take over 60 seconds.

2) If adding a new Transaction Call action, selecting the called transaction in the Configure window doesn't work. The transaction can be selected OK, but the browse window will not close. It has to be cancelled. The Link Editor does not show the transaction's input, even though the Configure window will now show the selected transaction's path OK.

3) If the transaction is Saved after 2), that transaction will not open again in the Logic Editor, even after a reboot.

Memory seems to be part of the formula. The above is on a notebook with 1Gb of RAM. On a dual core with 2 Gb, the problems are less, but not much. On a server with 8Gb, the symptoms disappear.

Does anyone know if there is a recommended minimum system config for using the Logic Editor?

What is actually happening when a transaction with nested Transaction Call actions is loaded in the Editor and for exection? I have many transactions that don't have the above problems, but they take a long time to open in the Logic Editor, and up to 1.5 seconds to load when executing the transaction (this is as per the F5 timings).