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Action Profile

Dear Friends,

Can any1 explain me what is Action Profile and its use??

I make settingss but i donnot understand what those settings mean. what actually trigers the action?? plzz clarify me...thanks !!

Best regards,


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2 Answers

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    Aug 19, 2007 at 08:25 AM

    Hi Lata,

    Actions are planned activities or tasks assigned to business processes, such as sending email, or Confirmation that you create in Activities or transaction documents. You can start actions manually or automatically depending on rules known as action profiles.

    Action profiles are summaries of actions with common attributes, such as the business object or date profile. An action profile consists of one or more action definitions, attributes that you configure to determine actions characteristics, such as processing time and sort order. If necessary, you can also configure conditions that control the planning and start time of the action, which can be time based or field based. Once you configure the action profile and conditions, you assign the action profile to a transaction or item category in the IMG.

    With actions and alerts, you can schedule, start (either automatically or manually), and monitor business processes. For example, you can automatically print documents, output in print, or by faxing or email, create follow-up documents automatically, send email confirmations, and generate subitems.

    You can define actions dependent on conditions so that the system automatically schedules and starts them when the conditions are fulfilled.

    The system processes the actions automatically. You can however also schedule and start actions manually. You can use the attributes of the transaction type used in the business object as conditions. You can create time-dependent conditions using the dates and date rules from the appropriate date profile. You can also define partner-dependent actions, for example, to send a reminder e-mail to the employee responsible.

    The system uses different processing types of the PPF during processing. There are various processing types for actions:

    <b>Methods (Business Add-Ins)</b>

    This is suitable for simpler processes, such as follow-up documents or creating positions, for example calling a customer when you have received a cancellation.

    Templates are delivered for defining methods. You can use these to create as many follow-up transactions as your require, and to define your own methods.

    The Business Add-Ins COPY_DOCUMENT and COPY_ITEM_LOCAL are available in sales, and the Business Add-Ins CREATE_CHILD_OBJECT_FROM_PAREN and CASCADE_CHANGE_STAT are available in marketing.

    The copy control is used when processing methods. There is further information under copying business transactions. You can influence follow-up documents freely by means of the BAdIs in the copy control.

    <b>SAP Business Workflow</b>

    This is suitable for more complex processes, for example, a follow-up document that includes an approval process.

    <b>Smart Forms</b>

    Use this for printing, faxing or emailing documents. There is further information on output determination in CRM under output determination.

    <b>Few Example</b>

    <b>Revising Quotations</b>

    Two weeks after a quotation has been created, the system generates an activity for the responsible sales employee so that he/ she calls to remind the customer of the quotation and to answer any questions which may have arisen.

    <b>Quotation for a new contract</b>

    Four weeks before a contract expires, or, when 80% of the value of a value contract has been reached, the customer automatically receives a quotation for a new contract with the same conditions as for the current product.

    <b>Cancellation Notification</b>

    The sales manager is automatically notified by email if a contract with a value of 1 million Euro or more is cancelled.


    When a contract for a switchboard system is completed, a position to install the system free of charge to business partners is created automatically.

    <b>Credit Memos</b>

    Credit memos are automatically created, and, without checking, for complaints with a value of less than 10 Euro.

    <b>Sales Assistant for Sales Employees</b>

    Within the frame of sales methodology, you can put together a plan with recommended activities for each phase of the sales cycle. There is further information under sales assistant.

    <b>Escalation Management</b>

    A customer with a maintenance contract is called back according to the reaction times agreed upon, when he sends a problem message.

    Hope this will help you, incase you need more explanation, feel free to ask for more details..



    <b>Reward with Points</b>

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    Former Member
    Aug 19, 2007 at 01:41 PM

    Hi Latha,

    Please find this blog and this will be useful for you to understand how action are useful in documents.

    this is an example and you can try the same and written by Rakesh kumar



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