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api.MessageExpiredException: (INBOUND) expired how to solve ?

Hi Friends ,

We are working on a scenario like SOAP ( Sender ) <--> RFC ( Receiver ) synchronous .

We are invoking this request through the <b>WebDynpro</b> .

if Normally our RFC taking 3 to 4 minutes to process the request and give the response back .

as per the <b>SAP Notes 730870</b> Q.14

<b>Q 14:

During a synchronous RFC call to the RfcAdapter (sender channel) the error message "call to messaging system failed:" comes up. For receiver channels a similar error messages is shown. What does this mean and what could be done about it?</b>

Ans :

A: At the beginning of a synchronous RFC call the RfcAdapter (sender channel) builds up the XI request-message and will send this to the Adapter Engine with a timeout. After this it will wait till the response-message reaches or the timeout expires. In case of timeout the exception named above is thrown. The timeout used by RfcAdapter for synchronous calls can be configured for the whole RfcAdapter as a property of the RfcAdapter J2EE Service. To change it's value open the service properties sheet like described in Q3 and change the value of "syncMessageDeliveryTimeoutMsec". Notice that this value is specified in milliseconds. After changing the property store the properties by clicking the save-button (disk symbol) on top of the page.

If a similar error messages is shown for a receiver channel the timeout setting is done in the inbound XI-Adapter of the Adapter Engine and not via the above described setting in the RFC-Adapter. The value of xiadapter.inbound.timeout.default from J2EE Service 'SAP XI Adapter: XI' is used in this case. Note 791379 will explain this in detail.

<b> We have Followd this as it is</b>

But we are getting error still as

<b><SAP:AdditionalText> Message 3ba45270-4d41-11dc-bab3-000255b6218b(INBOUND) expired</SAP:AdditionalText></b>

Please , Help us to solve this problem

Best Regards.,


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    Posted on Aug 18, 2007 at 05:25 AM


    normally the sync RFC calls timeouts pretty quickly and as its taking you 3-4 mins its doing the there a possibility of splitting the scenario as a async scenario using BPM and using correlation?

    you might also wanna try increasing the HTTP Timeout(but dont make it too much)



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