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Mapping and combining multiple rows


Imaging the following case From R/3 every week to different customers 10 different products# are sold..If no new idem is sold for customer no new record is generated for this customer. For example -Source file:

CustID     product #sold        number items
1                1                     5
1                2                     2
1                3                     3
3                2                     7
4                1                    30

In this case for custID 2 no sales were generated this week so no record exists in the text file. This file must be submitted to a partner for analysis in the following structure:

Cust ID  product 1   product 2   product 3….
1           5            2          3
3                        7
4          30

It is going to be text file structure after xi mapping and will be. Both files are fixed so each record and field has fixed positions predetermined.

How would be the mapping in XI performed the best in this case..?Is using BMP necessary in this case or it could be avoided…and if yes how…?Looks like mapping program must be created. I appreciate any input…The easy way is the better way..Of course I would like to handle some errors as well.

Do i need any conversions in inbound/outbound File Adapter and what kind of if yes…?Thanks


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2 Answers

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    Aug 18, 2007 at 02:23 AM


    As said by Aamir we needed input /output structure in order to suggest for mapping.

    Best regards,


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      Thanks Aamir,

      And for everyone - here is the conclusion I am making afer going trough different option..If you can ask your Sender to supply you with structure that matches 1:1 the Receiver structure - will be the perfect approach.! Mapping will be very easy and no need of additional work will be required.

      Other than that if Sender str is very much different from Receiver -you most probably must write UDF which can make things a little more complicated...That is how I approached the case described above.

      Thanks Aamir

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    Aug 18, 2007 at 01:10 AM


    >>case From R/3 every week to different customers 10 different products# are sold

    this means you are sending some values from R/3 to your partner,now this sender file,will this be an IDOC ?if yes,then which IDOC,if its gonna be a Flat file then can you provide us with the structure of the sender data type.

    also it will be helpful if you can send the receiver data structure as well

    Until now i dont see any need of BPM,it can be handled in message mapping but i can be more sure once i get the source and target data structure.



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