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sybase ASE restore from a backup of a high release


i need help...

is it possible to restore ASE from a backup taken with ASE 15.0.3 to a ASE 15.0?

I tried to restore a backup of ASE 15.0.3 to 15.0 and the following error appears:"-----Backup Server session id is: 25. Use this value when executing the 'sp_volchanged' system stored procedure after fulfilling any volume change request from the Backup Server.Backup Server: Dumpfile name 'bdtec1722709C0F' section number 1 mounted on disk file '/opt/sybase/080817.dat'.Attempt to read a dump header failed; returned error code is 6.Unexpected end of file while reading beginning of Dump. Please confirm that Dump media contains a valid ASE dump. The ASE error log my contain more information on the problem.-----"
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2 Answers

  • Aug 27, 2017 at 02:03 PM

    Yes, however the sp_downgrade stored procedure needs to be run on the database
    before it is dumped. If all you have is a dump, you could install a 15.0.3 server,
    load the dump there, run sp_downgrade, and re-dump the database before loading it into 15.0.


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  • Aug 27, 2017 at 07:18 PM

    NOTE: While I know you can't load ASE 16.0 dump files into ASE 15.x, I don't know if there are any (technical) limitations to loading a 15.0.3 dump file into a 15.0 database (since this may be considered a difference in minor release numbers)..

    NOTE: I don't know if the following will work, but since you're going to need a ASE 15.0.3 installation to implement Brett's solution, the following will only take a few minutes to test; if this test does work then you wouldn't need to build a 15.0.3 dataserver nor run load/sp_downgrade/dump as per Brett's solution:

    What I'm thinking ...

    - the error message is generated by the backupserver (I'm assuming this is a 15.0 backupserver)

    - a 15.0.3 backupserver should be able to read the dump file without any problems

    - building a 15.0.3 backupserver should take a lot less time (and resources) than a building a 15.0.3 dataserver [NOTE: You'll want to build the 15.0.3 backupserver on the same machine where the dump file exists; alternatively, copy the dump file to the 15.0.3 backupserver's host machine.]

    - once a 15.0.3 backupserver has been built (and started), make sure the 15.0 dataserver/backupserver have an entry for the 15.0.3 backupserver in the interfaces file

    - from the 15.0. dataserver try loading the dump file via the 'remote' 15.0.3 backupserver:

    load database <dbname> from '/opt/sybase/080817.dat' at <15.0.3.backupserver_name>

    This whole test rests on an assumption that the 15.0.3 backupserver will be able to stream the dump file contents to the 15.0. backupserver without introducing any bits-n-bytes that the 15.0 backupserver won't understand...

    - if this test fails then you've only wasted a couple minutes

    - if this test succeeds then you'll save yourself a lot of time/effort from not having to build the 15.0.3 dataserver

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