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Peer not authenticated exception when connecting SAP Cloud Platform to Office 365 API

I'm implementing an SAP Cloud Platform Java application to connect to the Office 365 API ( using OAuth2 authentication.

When I running it on Apache Tomcat local server I get the response from the server correctly.

When I run the same code on SAP Cloud Platform I get peer not authenticated|

In both cases I get the correct OAuth token.

What am I missing here? The code I'm using is:

privateObject getResponseFromAzure(String url,String methodType){AuthenticationResult result =null;try{
        result = getAccessTokenFromUserCredentials();// OAuth2 bearer token}catch(Exception e1){// TODO Auto-generated catch block
        e1.printStackTrace();}String accessToken = result.getAccessToken();System.out.println("Access Token is - "+ accessToken);HttpClient client =newDefaultHttpClient();HttpRequestBase request =null;if("GET".equals(methodType)){
        request =newHttpGet(url);}elseif("POST".equals(methodType)){
        request =newHttpPost(url);}

    request.addHeader("Authorization","Bearer "+ accessToken);HttpResponse response =null;try{
        response = client.execute(request);}catch(ClientProtocolException e){// TODO Auto-generated catch block
        e.printStackTrace();}catch(IOException e){// TODO Auto-generated catch block
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