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What is XI ? What are the role of an XI Consultant ?

Hi Everybody,

I am presently working as an ABAP Consultant since 3 years.Thinking for XI.

<b>Can anybody tell me about XI.

What are the role of an XI Consultant ?

Is it a good option for an ABAPer ?</b>

<b>Reward is assured</b>

<b>Thanks in advance</b>

Srikanta Gope

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4 Answers

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    Aug 17, 2007 at 02:51 PM

    <b>What is SAP XI?</b>

    SAP Exchange Infrastructure is SAP’s platform for process integration based on the exchange of XML messages.

    1. It provides a technical infrastructure for XML based message exchange in order to connect SAP components with each other as well as with non-SAP components.

    2. It delivers business process integration knowledge to the customer in the form of SAP pre-defined business scenarios.

    3. It provides an integrated tool set for building new business scenarios by defining and maintaining all integration relevant information. (“Shared collaboration knowledge”).

    Before we take a closer look at how the Exchange Infrastructure will enter into the IT landscape of every SAP customer, let’s take a closer look at the capabilities as well as the strategic direction of XI. This particular module of Net Weaver is one of the most powerful and is undeniably the most critical. Its purpose is really three-fold:


    XI has the ability to connect all applications regardless of whether it is an application

    From a 3rd party or from SAP. The solution has pre-built connectivity to all SAP modules

    Such as SAP CRM and utilizes the Adapter Framework to integrate 3rd Party solutions

    such as Siebel, People Soft, Legacy systems, or AS/400s and Mainframes.


    XI has the ability to define a path/workflow for each business transaction that is

    Integrated. The system actively routes each message to ensure that it is properly

    Delivered from the source to the target destination. Active monitoring allows

    Administrators to manage document exchange on an exception basis.


    XI has the ability to translate files into any format whether an internal file format or any

    Business to Business integration standard including but not limited to an XML format, an

    EDI format, a marketplace, or a Web Service. Finally, there are multiple communication

    Protocols included which allow the routing of a file over protocols such as s/FTP, http/s,

    SOAP, ebMS, Value-Added Networks, or EDI INT (AS1, AS2).

    Understanding The SAP Exchange Infrastructure_

    Now, you might be saying to yourself, we already have solutions that provide all of this

    Functionality. True, most organizations have invested previously in an integration strategy, but what we see in over 90% of organizations is that they have multiple translators and communication brokers, which they are supporting on a daily basis. This is both a resource drain as well as a monetary drain. For example, it is not uncommon to see the following even in smaller organizations:

    • Multiple Point to Point connectivity: For example, R/3 connected to a 3rd party

    Warehouse Management Solution via an internally developed adapter or with the SAP

    Business Connector

    • A 3rd party EAI Integration Broker to connect legacy mainframe systems to SAP and


    • A 3rd party EDI translator to communicate messages

    • A 3rd party XML broker to communicate XML messages to marketplaces and non-EDI

    Trading partners

    • A communication server that focuses on sending messages via FTP, Value-Added

    Networks and Internet protocols such as AS2 solution of choice for SAP end users


    <b>Role of XI consultant</b>

    As a SAP XI Developer you will be required to : Gather requirements, develop specifications and technical documentation. Perform requirement analysis and high and low level design. Perform the coding, testing and integration mapping Interface with onsite / offshore project teams ,sometimes responsible for developing java applications based on clients requirement specifications, preparing the technical design document, creating prototypes, analyzing and identifying performance bottle-necks, providing technical and user documentation and training to client, providing relevant data to the Module Leader for status reports both.

    <b>It's a good option to switch to XI</b>



    <b>*reward for useful answers*</b>

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    Aug 17, 2007 at 02:29 PM


    Most of the ques raised is answered.

    So wanna point to the last one and my point of view is----->

    Is it a good option for an ABAPer ?

    Definetly in fact if your good with Cross applications then it a natural progression. Market is good at the moment. Plus you need to definetly update with java can't avoid it. Abap programming knowledge helps a lot as even abap coding is required.



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    Aug 17, 2007 at 02:19 PM


    SAP-XI is a middleware.It is an Integration platform and Technology just like any other EAI(Enterprise Application Integration).For example TIBCO is a competitor for XI.

    In fact a knowledge of both Java and ABAP is required for SAP-XI.

    You can really go for learning XI since you are saying you are aquainted with ABAP.But its a domain in itself.

    XI is quite in demand these days.

    Let me know if you want to know more.


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    Aug 17, 2007 at 02:20 PM

    Hi Srikanta,

    Check out this Blog:


    <b> Is it a good option for an ABAPer ?</b>




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