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FX Revaluation

We are currently using a modified version of the standard SAP program SAPF100 which allows open item managed accounts to be revalued based upon special ledger (SL) balances.

The documentation for the implementation states this was done because a large number of balance sheet accounts were flagged as 'open item managed' and therefore the standard SAPF100 couldn't be used to revalue GL balances.

Has anyone else come across this problem? It also raises the following other questions:

1) Is it bad practice to have the majority of your balance sheet accounts flagged as 'open item managed'

2) If you have a large amount of open item flagged accounts does it mean the SAPF100 open item program can't be used because it takes so long to run?

3) When using our modified SL revaluation program it effectively revalues closed items, because they are not matched at attribute level e.g. when a GBP balance is cleared with a USD balance, the GL treats it as closed, but in the SL it continues to revalue the USD balance - this seems incorrect? Any ideas?

Any information you could provide on this would be much appreciated



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    Aug 24, 2007 at 11:34 AM

    Hi John,

    many questions 😊)


    Yes, having almost all B/S accounts open item managed is indeed a bit weird. Clearing, in terms of matching of debit and credit items, is not applicable for most of the accounts. Ie., speaking of clearing of a bank G/L accounts has just no sense.

    If you cannot clear the open items (and you cannot as there is no logical connection between the debits and the credits), they will remain open forever. Technically, they will remain in table BSIS and never come to table BSAS. In addition, the documents involved can never be archived.

    Pls. consider reprt RFSEPA03 which cna be used to switch off open item management on selected G/Ls. Note: you may receive a message not to use this prgram anymore. Pls. refer to OSS note 175960 on this issue (you have to copy it to a Z report).


    Yes, as open item management would inherite that after some time, items getting cleared (moved from BSIS to BSAS). In fact, the number of cleared items will become much higher than the (actual) open items as time goes by. In your case, you cannot clear your items, so every time, SAPF100 (and any other report operating on open item vs. cleared items basis) will need more and more time to run.


    This is hard to answer as I have no clue on how your SAPF100 was modified. But this may be similar to possible side effects if the flag SKB1-XSALH (balances in local currency only) in the GL master record is NOT set for non-open item managed ⚠️ B/S acounts that are kept in local currency.. Example: account currency is GBP (your local currency), i.e, postings in any currency are allowed, B/S account, NOT ⚠️ open item managed. In this case, if you post once in your lifetime an item in, say, HUF (Hungarian Forint) to your account, that HUF balance would be revaluated forever.

    Of course, the above is for non open item managed accounts only. Open items always updating the account balance in their document currency. However, if they get cleared, SAPF100 would not revaluate them again. In SL, the items are ust items, however, so your modified SAPF100 considers the foreign currency (USD) items as subject to revaluation. You could adopt your modification accordingly: check back if the SL item is cleared in GL already, and in this case, skip it.

    Hope that helps, points welcome 😊


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    • Former Member

      Hi Casba,

      Many thanks for your answers they are very helpful, and I will see if your suggestion of reading the GL for open items prior to revaluing SL will work.

      Thanks Again