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sto process

can any body explain to transfer of stock from one plant to c&f agent and generate proforma invoice, what will be the cofiguration needed for generating the proforma invoice

my id is rajansapsd

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4 Answers

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    Posted on Aug 17, 2007 at 01:28 PM


    <b>Configure Intercompany Stock Transport Order</b>

    Material should exist in both the plants (Delivering & Ordering),

    Internal customer should be assigned to the ordering plant ( MM -> Purchasing ->

    Purchase Order -> Setup stock transport order -> assign the internal customer to the

    ordering plant and assign the Sales area of the internal customer.

    Assign its Sales area to the delivering plant

    Assign the document type and Delivery type NB and NLCC

    Assign the Supplying plant --> Receiving Plant --> NB

    Take the delivering plant and assign the sales area.

    Vendor master has to be created and assign the supply source (Delivering Plant).

    Create a purchase order ME21N ---> Save

    Delivery VL10 G ---> Calculation rule (appropriate) --> Assign the purchase order

    number here and execute.

    Select the Delivery creation line and do the back ground process.

    Start the log display and see the delivery document number by the documents button

    Goto VL02N --> do picking and PGI --> Then do the MIGO with respect to the delivery


    Billing (Intercompany pricing conditions should be set).


    1. Customer No. for the Goods Receiving Plant - OMGN

    2. Availability Check- Checking Rule (if necessary) - OMGN

    3. Assign a Delivery Type for the Delivering Plant - OMGN (for Stock Transport Orders,


    4. PO type (which i believe you have done) - OMGN

    5. Assign Vendor No. to the Supplying Plant (done) - VK02

    6. Assign Customer No. to the Purchasing Plant for the Inter-Company Invoice (but you

    need to assign this to the Sales Organization pre-assigned to the Purchasing Plant),

    IMG-SD-Billing-InterCompany Billing-Define Internal Customer No. by Sales Org

    ***and by the way for the Invoice to work between Cross-Company Plants, you need

    also to have a Sales Org for the Supplying Plant and a Pricing Determination Procedure



    PI01 Intercompany: fixed amount per material unit

    PI02 Intercompany: percentage of the net invoice amount

    These condition types specify that the price charged by the delivering plant to the sales

    organization is shown as a statistical value in the sales order and an effective charge in

    the internal invoice.

    The condition records you create and maintain for intercompany billing are the same kind

    of records that you create for pricing in general.

    IV01 Inter-company Price ERLOS Revenue

    IV02 Inter-company % ERLOS Revenue



    The following steps have to be followed in order to configure stock transport order

    between two plants.

    1. Create a vendor for the Company code of the receiving plant using account group 0007

    via T-Code XK01.

    2. In the purchasing data view assign the supplying plant and the schema group

    3. Create customer with the sales area of the vendor.

    4. The shipping conditions, the delivering plant and the transportation zone determine the

    route in the STO.

    5. In the pricing procedure determination relevant to the STO assign document pricing

    procedure and customer pricing procedure to get the pricing in the invoice.

    6. Maintain condition records for pricing condition.

    7. Maintain carrier as a partner in the customer master.

    8. In OMGN select the supplying plant and assign the company code and sales area.

    Similarly select the receiving plant and assign the company code and sales area (The

    company code to which the plant is assigned to).

    9. Assign the delivery type and checking rule to the document type.

    10. And finally, assign the purchasing document type to the supplying plant and the

    receiving plant.

    11. Create the STO using T-Code ME 21N and save.

    12. Check for release strategy if any and release using T-Code ME 28.

    13. Create delivery in background using VL10G.

    14. If delivery is created, it is an indication of correct configuration and master data


    Stock transfer between two plants in deffernet company codes is known as inter company

    stock transfer.

    Material shoud be maintained in both supplying and receiving plant MM01

    Sotck should maintain only in supplying plant MB1C

    Create receving plant as a customer in suplying plants company code and sales area


    Assign this customer number in receving plant detials OMGN

    Assign supplying sales area in supplying plant details OMGN

    Assign delivery tupe NB for in combination of supplying/ receving plants.

    Create STO ME21N

    As it is normal there in the item details wer should get shipping date i.e customer number

    Go for Deliveryy VL10B

    Shipping point *****

    Select PO go for execute

    then select the delivery then go for delvy ............create delvy,,,, delvy nubmer generated.

    Goods Issue VL02

    Delvy doc **********

    Click on picking

    enter the picking qty

    Click on PGI

    in the mean time check in the PO history you will get the details

    Goods receipt MIGO

    Stock overview the stock will be updated....

    Create Delivery Based Proforma F8.



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    Posted on Aug 17, 2007 at 01:26 PM


    1. Create a customer in the supplying sales area.

    2. Create a vendor in the ordering sales area.

    3. Extend the material from ordering to supplying.

    4. Then go the IMG >MM >Purchasing >Purchase Order >STO > define

    shipping data to plant, here select supplying plant and maintain its own sales

    area. Then go to ordering plant and enter customer which was created in the

    step 1.

    5. Then assign document type NB and Delivery type NLCC maintain it for

    supplying plant and maintain Checking rule as “01”.

    6. Decide between 1 step and 2 steps.

    7. In XK02 in the vendor master go to purchasing data > purchasing > Extras >

    Additional Purchasing data, here assign the supplying plant.

    8. Maintain pricing procedure with supplying organisational data with Dopp N

    and Maintain Pricing for PI01(combination of supplying sales are and its


    9. Go to ME21N put the vendor and material with quantity and enter the

    supplying plant in the line item.

    10. Go to VL10B give the PO No. and enter, select the line item and click back

    ground. ( where del. Will be created in the back ground)

    11. Go to VL02N for picking and PGI.

    12. Then do the Billing with billing type IV.

    Reward if useful

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    Posted on Aug 17, 2007 at 01:28 PM


    Check your mail.

    Award points if helpful.

    Thanks in advance.

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      It is done through copy controls.

      The link of billing type from the delivery type is determined through copy controls. Once we do delivery and when we go to the transaction VF01 and give the delivery number it determines the delivery tyep and through copy controls it determines the billing type.

      Also you can check in the delivery document type NLCC and check the default order type [DL]. Then go to VOV8 and enter that document type and see the billing types [F2, IV] used. In standard copy controls have been maintained for NLCC and IV because the customer is internal to the company. F2 is used for the external customer.

      Hope this explains your query.

      Reward points if helpful.



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    Posted on Aug 17, 2007 at 02:01 PM

    Intracompany can be done directly through the transaction MB1B.


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      dear priyanka,

      i do know the transaction mb1b but when we do in sd

      my work is i am transfering the stock from manufacturing plant to c&f agent when i move stock i will have to raise a proforma invoice for the same.

      how will i do it.