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Importing More than 5 Cr of SQL Data into SAP ZTABLES using ABAP?

Hi Experts,

I need to import more than 5 Cr of SQL Data into my SAP Ztable using ABAP Statements.

Is it possible that, huge amount of data importing into SAP.

Any solution for getting out from this problem will be appreciable...



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2 Answers

  • Oct 18, 2016 at 08:55 PM

    First of all, it would be nice if you would explain to the worldwide audience what 5 Cr means... 50,000,000 records correct?

    Is it possible - Yes

    Any solution for getting out from this problem will be appreciable...

    What is your problem? Why are you importing this data? Does it really serve a purpose? Can you query it externally - maybe using a WSDL that can be consumed from SAP. Can you use a DB link and keep this on an external database?

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    • Hi,

      Yes, you are right... 5 Cr means ----> 50000000 Records.

      Actually my client was using some other technology, before implementing SAP into their system. That data is saved into MS SQL Server. So, now they want to run the same process using SAP. But their previous data saved in their SQL DB.

      That data is approximately more than 10,0000000 Records. They want to import that huge amount of data into our SAP Ztables. Because the process which they follows on their previous technology, now we implemented in our sap Module pool, now on words the data is saved into our SAP Ztables , at that time we need to check duplicates records are there or not with comparing of their previous data. That was the actual concept. I already gave them one solution like...Using Excel. They can set the data into EXCEL and upload it into our ZTABLES. But they said it would be long process and taking much time so, we want programmatically uploading process.

      There is a process for that, using NATIVE SQL i red it in SCN Only. I used that process also..but throw dump at certain statement... which i already posted in SCN Forum. You can check this information using the following link...

      LINK :

      There in the above link u can get the information where exactly i am getting Dump. If you have any idea on Native SQL give me a solution for that.

      Thanks ,


  • Oct 19, 2016 at 06:34 PM

    If it's a one-time activity then have the data dumped into a flat file (or files) in the source database and then upload the data from the file into SAP tables. ABAP programming for this should not be beyond the capabilities of someone who is already consulting clients.

    Building Native SQL interface for one-time upload is just too much overhead IMHO. (By the way, such interfaces can be also terribly slow.) And introducing Excel in the middle is also not needed, unless you need to perform some data cleansing before the upload and it can't be done in the source DB.

    As Raghu already pointed, please also use more common units of measure. I've already learned about something called "lakhs" from SCN but have no idea what "5 Cr" could possibly mean in this context. (5 Chromiums? 5 Credits?) Simple numbers with thousand separators or abbreviations like "K" for thousands or "M"/"mil." for millions will be most likely understood on a global website.

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