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How to access elements of "UDSAttrs"?

Aug 14, 2017 at 09:55 AM


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I managed to receive alert mails.
I managed to have UDS attributes embedded...
I struggled a little to make them appear:...You have to give value "*" for all attributes you do not explicitly specify, like "sender party", "receiver party", ...
Now I want to proceed to email-templating to hide "ugly" JSON code from peoples from business.
...but can not find documentation: How to access elements of "UDSAttrs"-array? Is there some smarter solution than ASCII-Templating available? . . HTML-Mail would be "state of the art" - I guess ;-) Regards, Dieter ___________________________Example_____________:-)_______________ { "ToParty": "", "ScenarioId": "dir://IFLOW/IF___:-)___INVOIC", "UDSAttrs": { "FileName": "invoic5.txt", "Timestamp": "20170811T130742Z", "Directory": "/__:-)__/In" }, "RuleId": "76a924dc4283387b92313ea2cb224984", "AdapterType": "XI_J2EE_MESSAGING_SYSTEM", "ErrCat": "Mapping", "ToService": "BS_SAP_ERP_HED_200", "ScenarioName": "IF___:-)___INVOIC", "Severity": "MEDIUM", "Timestamp": "2017-08-11T15:37:41Z", "MonitoringUrl": "http://__:-)__:50000/webdynpro/resources/", "MsgId": "e944f1a6-7ea8-11e7-a8d0-0000008cbbee", "FromService": "BC___:-)__", "Namespace": "http://www.__:-)__/INVOIC", "ErrCode": "EXCEPTION_DURING_EXECUTE", "ErrLabel": "1200", "ErrText": "Runtime Exception when executing application mapping program com/sap/xi/tf/_MM___:-)___INVOIC02_; Details:; Runtime exception when processing target-field mapping /E1EDKA1/IDOC/INVOIC02/PARTN; root message: Unhandled RFC exception:\nNO_RECORDS_FOUND<\/Name>NO_RECORDS_FOUND<\/Text>null<\/ID>000<\/Number><\/Message><\/rfc:ZINV_ILNMAP.Exception>", "FromParty": "", "Component": "af.hpd.hdb01hpd", "Interface": "SI___:-)___Out" }
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1 Answer

Manoj K Aug 14, 2017 at 10:27 AM

Hi Dieter,

There is another standard consumer job provided by SAP with having custom template defined refer note : 2088606 for more info on this Job config refer this Blog.

Other option is you can actually read the Alert JMS queue via sender JMS channel and customize customize the content in required format via JAVA/XSLT and send a mail.



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