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Aug 17, 2007 at 08:25 AM

Netting Statements in Financial Transactions


Hi There; we are a company trading Gas and Electricity in Europe. In our business it is common practise, to do so-called "Netting" in financial transactions. - Which means: within one period (i.e. within a certain month of the year) we can have business-relationship with one an the same counterpart: we buy and sell products during the same month. At the end of the mont there is a look-up who owes what tho whom, and the payment is made for only the difference-amount between buy and sell. To do so is beeing controlled by a flag in the creditors and debitors fixed data.

Now we face a new challenge: some of our counterparts want to do netting only within one commodity. Which means: do a netting for Electricity, but not for Gas. So we can not continue to control this process by putting the flag within the creditors or debitors fixed data (because that affects ALL products we handled whith this counterpart!).

Is there some experience how to solve this, out there in the wide SAP-world? Regards: Bernhard Kretz