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Aug 17, 2017 at 08:16 AM

Update Activity consumption configuration and AVR issue


Hi Everyone,

Activate Actual activity(Update Activity Consumption) is "1" in our system. And we need to do AVR closing for these plants.

There is no calculate actual activity price in current month end closing steps.(KSS2, KSii).

On CKMLCP cockpit materials do not valuate with actual prices but We will do it with using AVR closing.

We need to calculate actual activity price for AVR closing. We would like to use new plan version for activities.

We have only one ledger.(IFRS)

The question is, if the "Update Activity Consumption" is 1 and we use AVR, could be any problem according to AVR costing? Double variance etc.

We have to do it as "2 : Activity update relevant to price determination" cause of using AVR?

As I said before we will use plan version on AVR closing.


Version "0" for CKMLCP (There is no KSS2, ksii) . Materials valuated with std cost.(Global)

We intend to add below steps;

Version "x" activity prices for AVR (KSS4, KSPI or directly kp26)

Update activity consumption is "1".

We have one ledger which is IFRS. We intend to do closing for a Local company with using AVR.

Local company valuated materials with actual cost.(Delta values determined with AVR)

Thank you,

Kind Regards,