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BO 4.2 - Version Control or Configuration Management!!

Aug 17, 2017 at 06:13 AM


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Hi All,

We use BO 4.2 SP2. The Server is installed in a LINUX machine. Till now we haven't done any sort of Version controlling on any reports or universes of our system.

As we have multiple projects running around currently, we plan to perform version controlling on Universe especially!!

I got to know there is a Version Management option available in CMC (earlier called as LCM) through which we can do this. And it supports Subversion (automatically installed through BO suite) and Clear Case.

Even after going through lot of webpages, I fail to understand the below:

- Need to configure Subversion with some startup scripts, provide details in VMS Settings and Test VMS should PASS. How to do this on a linux machine?

- After this, I will be able to add a repository object to VM in CMC. But, how to retrieve this object (eg in my case a particular Universe) and use it and check in back? Do I need to install SubVersion Client in my machine? Will it be visible in IDT to checkin and check out?

- After doing the changes, how to migrate the history universe to Prod env?

Can I get a document wherein this is described clearly for BO 4.2 SP2 on a linux machine?

Thanks & Regards,


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2 Answers

Denis Konovalov
Aug 17, 2017 at 05:27 PM

Most of the information is in Admin guide.
The rest of the info on version management is in KBA's. like etc.

Version management in BOE is very limited - its check in/check out in CMC and that's it.
You can't connect to it from clients etc...
For managing all your universes, you should use project and shared project functionality in Information Design tool.
You can fnd the IDT guide in

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Kavitha C Rao Aug 18, 2017 at 05:12 AM

Hi Denis,

Thanks for your reply.

I was majorly looking for version controlling of universes. So you mean to say we cannot do it from Version Management of CMC for Universes?. Is it related to only Reports/folders? Is Version Management of really a help in your thoughts?



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You can use it to keep versions of the universes, it is just not as advanced as full fledged version management systems.

Just play with it and you'll see.

You can have 10 different versions of universe in it, but when you check one out - it replaces the one currently active in the environment. So if there are reports that have functionality based on previously active universe, which is now overwriten or back in version management - they won't functions anymore.


HI Denis,

Thank you!!

And I guess the lock/unlock does not lock the actual object of the repository from modifying it. It only allows/disallows the versions to be checked in to VMS repository. i.e. a person unaware of the lock (created by another person) can still work on a report/universe and publish it to the repository but he cannot check in to VMS.

As I have observed, I think it is a overhead to manage versions in BO through VMS. Please comment.


You can place a lock on universe itself in IDT/UDT to prevent others from modifying it, lock on object in Version management simply prevents check in/outs.

I can't comment on overhead part - many customers like it and integrate it with their corporate general version management repositories. Some find it useless. It is an option for those who are familiar with version management and want to have it with BOE.


Thanks a lot Denis!!