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Aug 16, 2017 at 09:43 PM

Scenario ECC <--> PI <-->Third party system


Hi ,

Current process :
We are executing one job in ECC system and it will send the invoices through PI system to third party, as its synchronous process we are getting acknowledgement back from third party to PI system. After receiving xml response from third party, we are taking reference number and we are updating the reference number into ECC system's "VBRK" table.

Issue description :
e.g. if we send 100 invoices to third party we are getting acknowledgement for 90 invoices ,also getting failure information for 2 invoices and all this information will be updated in "VBRK" table of ECC but those remaining 8 invoices we are receiving acknowledgement but its not updated in ECC VBRK table.

For this issue, is there any alternate way to update the reference number in ECC system's VBRK table.

Thanks in advanced !!!!