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Oct 17, 2016 at 07:11 PM

Tool-tip does not disappear on Tree-map


NOTE: Previous post in Archive Tool-tip does not disappear on Tree-map


I have a peculiar issue, the Tool-tip doesn't disappear easily after mouseover.

Looks like it needs a few shakes on the mouse to make it disappear...

It is not looking good when it doesn't disappear after the user checks the value for smaller items on Tree-map.(the issue is same if the item is same if small item or big item).

Please refer the attachment with screen-shot for issue details.

Any solution or possible solutions is very much appreciated.

Thank you.




(1) It is an Info-chart with chart type as tree-map I am using IE Version 11.

(2) It is the same issue in Chrome on BI platform for some odd reason...

(3) I use DS Version1.6 SP2.