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Aug 16, 2007 at 11:48 PM

FI Subsitution...?Help Required....


Hi Gurus,

New to FI and Started with ABAP...just few posts back Sam helped me solve the validations my other requirement that i have to finish is substitution...

Kindly help me understand this...i think we can do it the same way as validations...

<b>Substitution 1:</b>

<b>Description:</b> Source from Journal ID

<b>Pre-requisite: </b>BKPF-XBLNR <> ' '


Store first (3) three character of BKPF-XBLNR (Position 1-3) to i_ZZSOU and store BKPF-BUDAT to i_END_DT.

Check the Custom Table –

Select * from ZTFICO_ZZSOU_V where ZZSOU = i_ZZSOU and END_DT > i_END_DT.

If a match is not found issue an error message –

No valid Source for posting date &i_BUDAT&.

If a match is found BSEG-ZZSOU = ‘i_ZZSOU’

<b>Substitution 2:</b>Functional Area Substitution

<b>Description:</b> Functional Area Substitution

<b>Pre-requisite: </b>BSEG-HKONT in ZFUNCTAREASUB


Store BSEG-HKONT to i_HKONT (Used only for error message and not for selection) and BSEG-KOSTL to i_KOSTL and check the Custom –table ZTFICO_CC_FA_MP.

Select FKBER into i_FKBER from ZTFICO_CC_FA_MP where KOSTL = i_KOSTL.


If no match found – error message ‘No valid functional Area for GL Account &i_HKONT& and Cost Center *i_KOSTL&

Please provide some inputs...

Cheers: Sam