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VS2003 / SAP Connector problem


I've been all over the forum, and there's lots of stuff that is similar to my problem, but none that solves it (yet).

I'm running VS 2003 from a Windows 2000 server. My Windows session is logged

on via a remote connection, so the server "C:" drive appears as my local "C:" drive.

I can log on to SAP via my local SAP GUI logon pad, so I know the SAPLOGON.INI is correct. I can launch the VS 2003 .NET command prompt and ping the SAP servers successfully, so I know they are visible from my server.

When I add a new SAP Connector item to a project, the SAP .NET Connector

Wizard pops up and prompts for the SAP server details. I can pick any of the three SAP servers for the System name, and the Wizard automatically fills in the Host and ID fields. I add a correct client number, user name and password, but when I click the [Next>] button, I get the following error message:

Test Connect failed. Please correct connection settings. Error was: Open file

'C:\WINNT\sapmsg.ini' failed

There is no file by that name in the WINNT directory.

If I try to add a new server from the Server Explorer (by entering the IP address), it says the IP address is outside the local domain.

If I click the [Groups] button on the SAP logon pad, and enter the SID and IP address for the server, then "generate list", it says it can't connect to the message server.

Please can anyone help out?


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2 Answers

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    Posted on Aug 16, 2007 at 04:39 PM

    When you add a Proxy, you can use 'Custom Logon Settings' in property Destination Type, and fill the fields Password, UserName, ApphostServer and SystemNumber.

    Good luck!!!

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    Posted on Aug 23, 2007 at 06:52 AM

    Hi John,

    I am also facing the same problem let me know if you got the Solution!



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    • Former Member

      Hi everyone,

      thanks for your contributions.

      I've (finally) found an answer to my own question. First problem was I was using the wrong connector code: you need to install it from the file SAPDotNetSetup2003.ZIP.

      Second problem was that I had an old version of Java Runtime Environment (1.2.2). SAP specifies JRE 1.3 or later. So I updated that.

      Then I could create the link via the SAP Connector wizard by using:

      custom settings

      IP address for host server (not host server name)

      system number

      user name

      password (not necessary to use upper case)

      So, I now have a SAP connector C# project! And I've spent the last 3 days trying to work out how to call the RFC that I specified in the connector definition.

      There are lots of code "snippets" out there on the forums, and I think I've checked them all, but I still haven't seen a really thorough description of what classes/objects/references and code are required to make a call to an RFC, but then I'm a newbie at C#, and I still don't have a really good grasp of the overall structure of a C# project. Most tutorials concentrate on the user interface components, which is not what I want.

      I need to call my code <b>without</b> a user interface (WinForm or WebForm), but I still don't know whether to have a Console Project with SAP Connector as a component, or a SAP Connector project? I need to call the code at command line level AND pass it some parameters in the command line. And I also need to download a table that is returned from the RFC.

      If any C# specialists can help me out here, I'd be most grateful, even though my original question has been answered.


      John M.