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Aug 16, 2017 at 09:14 AM

Can we add a delay before triggering a IDOC in PI 7.4 dual Stack ?


Here we have a scenario where PI is getting one XML and PI have to split it into 2 Idocs(MBGMCR & ORDERS05).

The requirement is MBGMCR should reach ECC first and then ORDERS. Basically Inventory(MBGMCR) should be posted first and then for the same inventory Order(ORDERS05) should be generated.

We have configured ICO for this and check box of maintaining order at runtime is checked.

So by this MBGMCR is getting posted in ECC first and then ORDERS05 is posted, but the time difference between MBGMCR and ORDERS is in milliseconds. Now as enhancement is used for MBGMCR, it is taking some time to process and before MBGMCR is processed ORDERS05 is arriving and getting processed.

So because of this ORDERS05 is failing in ECC as the system doesn't have Inventory generated yet for that Order.

So I wanted to add some delay before triggering ORDERS05 so that ECC gets some time to process MBGMCR. Is there any way where we by which we can solve this?