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Aug 16, 2017 at 08:49 AM

MII15.1 Performance management


Hi to everbody.

I'd like to know how many transactions can run simultaniusly on my MII. I did a test, I created a transaction with a repeater that call in asyncronus mode another trx per 100 times. what I saw in transactions manager is that 75 trx are in running (green square) but other 25 appears only when the other 75 finished. if, in the same time of 75 trx are in running , i call another trx, this go in queue (yellow square in trx manager).

My questions are:

Why the 25 trx are not in yellow in trx manager?

How can i setup the mii performnace.

I found some parameters about tuning MII, (xecutorPoolMaxSize and PercentageOfParallelismAllowed) in version 12.2 they works well but in 15.1 (version in running) i wasn't enable to found the formula to calculate the number of parallel processes.

What is changed?

Thanks a lot