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Create a github-like heat map

Aug 15, 2017 at 08:51 PM


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I'm hoping to create a heat map that somewhat resembles Github's:

The challenges:

1. The size of the rectangles can vary widely:


2. The number of weekdays and weeks also vary widely (see prior images).

3. The size of the font is dependent upon the number of records in the Secondary Category axis. If the number of records are large enough, the labels aren't displayed.


1. the rectangle are formatted as squares w/ a given length and width

2. the report always shows 52 weeks, even if there isn't data to support it

3. the font size is constant; if necessary, the chart could grow to accommodate more 'rows'

Are any of these desired aspects possible?

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1 Answer

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Former Member Aug 16, 2017 at 08:22 AM

Hi Craig,

Why not just use a Crosstab with conditional formatting applied to the body cells?

ujky5.png (10.3 kB)
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I like it.


* how did you get the spacing between the months headers?

* is there a way to base the color intervals on a % of total?

* if the crosstab was embedded in a section (perhaps region in your example) to have the color intervals be consistent across the sections, perhaps as a percentage of a grand total?

* is there a way to force the size of the rectangles?

* is there a way to display the count if you move the mouse over the rectangle?

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Q1. I've put a break on the Months, keeping the break footer to create the gap in the header.

Q2. Yes, just define more ranges in the conditional formatting. The one I've used is a simple - is the cell contents > 0, if so then turn the background and text to be green

Q3. The colours would be consistent across sections, and could be applied as a % of a grand total.

Q4. The size of the rectangles is fixed by setting the Height and Width of the crosstab body cells

Q5. Not directly as a text pop-up, but you can use Element Linking and another table to display the count when a rectangle is clicked.