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Aug 16, 2007 at 09:48 AM

Server Driven SyncBO (T51)


Hi All

I have to create a Server driven SyncBo (T51). I have read all its theory

and I think I now understand its working well. I just have some technical queries for you all, which may be related to coding and stuff.

It seems to me that for Server Driven SnycBo, the back end needs to 'Catch a event' and then make a RFC call to the middleware to a particular FM. My question is how will the back end 'Catch the event' and automatically execute the programme makin the RFC call.

How will the back end know if some back end data is changed or created and how will it react on its own. Is it some user exit or something else...

The data which is in use might lie in Custom tables.

And how will the GetList BapiWrapper will only get the delta data. How will it send only the keys of the objects which have been changed.

Do we have to use some time or date fields and compare them to see which data has been changed or not.

Or we can use CDPOS tables to record changes.

Sample code and ideas are welcome.

If Any clarification is needed.. please free feel to ask me 😊

Points will be awarded for sure.

Thanks, Ankur