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what is port?

hi friends,

I read that MDM port encapsulate all of the configuration and logistical information associted with inbound and outbound processing of data from the remote system.

i am little bit confused in the concept of port, coz i also heard 2, 3 more things about port.

if anybody knows what port is and where it is used,please let me know.



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2 Answers

  • Aug 16, 2007 at 01:36 PM

    Port documentation is provided in the MDM 5.5 SP05 - IT Scenario Configuration Guide at (SMP login required).

    Hope this helps,

    Regards, Markus

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    Aug 16, 2007 at 02:52 PM

    Hi swapnil rane,

    There mainly two types of ports in computer terms

    They are:

    1)Hardware port

    2)Software port

    <u>Hardware port:</u>

    The hardware port is an physical place (or) device in the system which is used for connection purpose(i.e. you can connect data cable, you can ping pen drives and etc) which can exsist can see hardware port back to your computer.

    <u>Software Port:</u>

    The software port is an logical program of particular process or application or protocol will be executed on that particular number.

    1) the port number is associated as a header for the each data packets, inorder to identify which data has to be handled by which server.

    for example : In internet the N number of server are running and providing N number of services.

    when you send request (or) data from the client system, how the servers come to know , which server has to handle which request? from the client.

    when ever any request or data is sent by the client or user , the data which is coming from the client or user is associated or headed by the particular port number based on that port number the server will identify that request and serve the request to the client .

    The HTTP server will available on port number 80, where we no need to specify the port number when you type URL in the browser.which was preassigned port number. All the services which HTTP server provide will available in this port number.

    In MDM port number which are using is software port ( your terms)

    In console when you create port, you will specify the type of that port as inbound or outbound or inbound/outbound.

    when the MDM import Manager connects to the external data source through the remote sytem ,and that remote system will use port with type as inbound or outbound or inbound/outbound.

    That means when you try to import data into MDM import manger based on it's type the port will execute that particular logic while importing from external data source or exporting data to the syndicator

    mainly why they bring this port concept in the MDM, Is when your are exporting or importing different types of data from different systems you need to configure different things and it additionally increase complexity to the user . inorder to avoid they brought port concept which make easy in exporting or importing data without any error or problem

    it eliminates all the complexity in identification of source data file, syndicator,path ,remote system and etc.

    Thanks & Regards


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