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Aug 16, 2007 at 08:12 AM

Unable to copy "global" template documentation to project doc. -tab


Hi Experts,

We are using SolMan 4.0 SP09 Document handling feature and template and implementation project types. We have tried to look for solution in the service marketplace and even contacted SAP in the matter. We did get a workaround for this problem but we would like to have the feature automatic. The reason we are posting this problem here is that we hope someone might have come accross the same issue and maybe even found a solution. Please see bellow Steps for Reconstruction and the problem description.

Sincerelly hopeful,

Auli and the rest of the team


We are using a Global Template (GT) and have created several

Implementation projects that are based on the GT.

When we add new documents to the GT after the Implementation projects

have been generated we have to run the TC "SA_PROJECT_UPGRADE" and use

the "adjust to original" functionality.

However, Business Blueprint relevant documentation at GT structure

nodes that have the global attribute "Global" is NOT linked to the

project documentation tab in the Implementation project (documents that

were existing during the generation of the IP are linked to Proj. Doc.

Tab as well)

The question is, whether this is a bug/error in the functionality or

whether it is supposed to work like this. How can i secure

that "global" BBP relevant documents that have been created AFTER the

generation of the Impl.Proj. are getting linked to the "Project

documentation tab as well"?

<b>Steps for the Reconstruction</b>

- use a template project

- make sure to have structure elements that have the global

attribute "global"

- add BBP relevant documentation to that node

- generate an Implementation project and include that node in the scope

- the BBP relevant document is linked to both Gen. doc and Proj. doc.

tabs in the IP

- add a new BBP relevant (!!) document to the same node in the template


- run the sa_project_upgrade for the Implementation project

- run "adjust to original" in the Implentation project on that

particular structure node

- the new document will only be added to the Gen. Documentation tab in

the Implementaion project and not to the proj. documetnation tab (->

the BBP document is missing when generating the Business Blueprint for

the Implemenation project)